Made with an iyokan and a chocolate bar. Great as a snack with strong coffee or alcohol.

Ingredients: 1 Iyokan worth

Granulated sugar
70 g
100 ml
2 tablespoons
Chocolate bar (bitter)


1. Cut the iyokan into quarters, and pulp them with the white pith inside of the peel left over.
2. Place the iyokan peel with enough water in a pan and heat. Upon boiling, simmer over medium heat for 7-8 minutes. Strain and wash with cold water. Repeat this process as many as three times.
3. Squeeze gently to drain the excess moisture of the Iyokan peel in Step 2. Cut the peel into 5-7 mm sticks.
4. Return the Step 3 peel sticks to the pan. Add granulated sugar and water, and heat. When boiling, turn the heat down to low and simmer until the moisture almost evaporates. When boiling down, turn off the heat. Add brandy and mix. Leave long enough to cool.
5. Strain the moisture away from the Step 4 peels with something like a sieve. Then lay on a baking sheet and let them dry for about 15-20 minutes in the 150°C/300°F pre-heated oven. The time is just a guideline. Check the texture occasionally as they are heated.
6. Coat the baked iyokan strips from Step 5 with granulated sugar (not listed in the ingredients). Then dip them into chocolate melted in a bain-marie, and let dry on a baking sheet. When dried, transfer to an air-tight container and refrigerate overnight.
7. Use an air-tight container to store these in the refrigerator. That keeps the chocolate crispy and tasty.

Story Behind this Recipe

I put together all the information gathered via online searching and cookbooks for easy recipe.