I Love Christmas! Wreath Cookies

I Love Christmas! Wreath Cookies

I hope this looks like a Christmas wreath to you.
Today is the 7th of January... Is it too late for Christmas? Or too early for next Christmas??
If you can still remember this recipe next Christmas, give it a try.

Ingredients: If you make small sized wreaths, you can make a lot.

Cake flour
100 g
Unsalted butter
60 g
Heavy cream
50 g
Powdered sugar
30 g (adjust to your liking)
Spinach powder
10 g (adjust to your liking)
1 g
as needed


1. Sift cake flour and spinach powder together. Leave the unsalted butter at room temperature. Preheat the oven to 320F/160C.
2. Place the softened butter in a bowl and add powdered sugar and salt. Mix together until it has a creamy consistency.
3. Pour heavy cream into the Step 2 mixture in 2-3 batches. Combine well each time.
4. Once incorporated, add the sifted flours and fold. When the flour has disappeared and combined evenly, it is done.
5. Attach a nozzle to a squeeze bag. Squeeze until you have created your desired cookie sizes and scatter dragées on top.
6. Bake in the preheated 320F/160C oven for 30 minutes. Please check and adjust the oven temperature and baking time as required.

Story Behind this Recipe

As soon as Halloween finished, I was thinking about Christmas. I wanted to make a cute and fun cookie which was easier to make than the ones I usually make, and I came up with this.