Okara (Soybean Fiber) Potato Curls

Okara (Soybean Fiber) Potato Curls

You can bake these in the oven for deliciously cute, okara (the leftover soybean fibers after soy milk is extracted) potato curls. They won't believe these are homemade! I can't stop and won't stop eating these!

Ingredients: 1 potato worth

Fresh okara
40 g
1 potato (about 150 g)
1/2 Tablespoon
1/3 teaspoon
・Salt and pepper
a small amount
1.5 Tablespoons


1. Wash the potato well. Then wrap it with the skin on and microwave at 550w for about 3 minutes. It will be hot, so remove the skin while poking it with a fork. Mash it up in a bowl.
2. Microwave the okara for about 2 minutes and then combine with the ingredients from the previous step and mix. Take the ingredients marked with a ・and mix them also. Put the whole mixture in a small plastic bag, and cut off a corner of the bag. Use the bag like a piping bag to squeeze out the mixture. (The picture shows a triple portion.)
3. Line a baking tray with kitchen parchment paper, and squeeze out stick shaped pieces of the dough. Bake in an oven or toaster oven for about 10 minutes and you will have delicious and light okara potato curls.
4. Variation: Since it tastes almost just like mashed potatoes, in step 2 you can just mix it up well with a spatula, heat it through and serve as a side like mashed potatoes.

Story Behind this Recipe

This recipe is adapted from a "Leek and okara-potato gratin" recipe by chef Norio Itai that appeared in a 2006 edition of Today's Cooking magazine. When I made these they were very snack-like, and I just couldn't stop eating them!