Simple Temari Sushi Using a Pack of Sashimi

Simple Temari Sushi Using a Pack of Sashimi

I make this ahead of time when I'm throwing a house party. Serve this and your party will look so glamorous.

Ingredients: 4 servings

[Sushi rice]
White rice
3 rice cooker cups
about 3 rice cooker cups
〇 Vinegar
1/3 cup
〇 Kombu
3-4 cm piece
〇 Salt
1 1/2 teaspoons
〇 Sugar
2 tablespoons
〇 Mirin
1 tablespoon
〇 Lemon juice
1/2 lemon
[Sushi Toppings]
as needed
Egg soboro
1 egg
A pack of sashimi
Smoked salmon
2-3 pieces
as needed
Salmon roe, sansho leaf
as needed
Egg yolk soboro, ginger
as needed
Green onion, mitsuba, pickled ginger
as needed
Mentaiko, denbu
as needed
Ginger, any type of cheese
as needed
Cherry tomatoes, boiled eggs
as needed
as needed
Pickled ginger, sudachi citrus, shredded daikon radish
as needed


1. ■ Cook the rice using a little less water than usual, then steam for 15 minutes. ■ Heat the ○ ingredients, except for the lemon juice, just until the sugar melts. Allow to cool, and once cooled, add the lemon juice.
2. Transfer the rice to a handai (or large bowl), and gradually pour over the sushi vinegar from Step 1. While fanning with a fan in an upward motion, mix the rice in a cutting motion with a rice spatula, taking care not to crush the grains of rice.
3. The sashimi I used in this recipe was a mix of sashimi. Thinly slice any thick pieces.
4. Add 1-2 teaspoons of sugar and 1 tablespoon of water to 1 egg to make the soboro, then pass it through a strainer.
5. Place half a spoonful of rice onto a piece of plastic wrap and squeeze into a ball. Make enough balls for the toppings that you have. Then place a sushi topping onto the same plastic wrap, place the rice ball on top, and squeeze together again.
6. [Egg soboro (salmon roe)]
7. [Squid & shiso leaf (ginger)]
8. [Squid & shiso leaf (salmon roe)]
9. [Tuna (green onion)]
10. [Salmon (green onion)]
11. [Yellowtail (ginger)]
12. [Octopus (pickled myoga)]
13. [Octopus (wasabi)]
14. [Smoked salmon (lemon)]
15. [Smoked salmon (cream cheese & black pepper)]

Story Behind this Recipe

I make this for celebrations and parties. I always worry about what to combine with what, so I thought I'd post this for reference.