Chick-shaped Japanese Traditional Sweets

Chick-shaped Japanese Traditional Sweets

This is a fresh and easy Japanese dessert I made using white bean paste mixed with mochiko and flour. It makes cute chick shaped snacks.

Ingredients: 5~6 chicks

Shiro-an (sweetened smooth white bean paste)
100 g
White flour
7 g
2 g
5 g
Black sesame seeds
A little
Food dye, red and yellow
As needed


1. Put the shiro-an white bean paste in a bowl, then add sifted flour, mochiko, and sugar.
2. Mix together until the dough is formed.
3. Break the dough into five pieces and steam in a steamer for about 25 minutes. They'll expand once steamed.
4. Knead the dough all together again in a wet kitchen towel for about ten minutes. Add yellow food dye while kneading to make yellow dough.
5. Put a little bit of dough aside to make the chick beaks later, and then use the rest of the dough to make round chick heads. Roll the dough when it's still a little warm to the touch.
6. Add red food coloring to the dough you're going to use for the beaks to make it orange.
7. Take the orange dough and stick to the yellow chick heads to make beaks, and then add sesame seeds for the eyes. It's easy to add the seeds using a toothpick.
8. They're all done. Now you've got a row of little chicks!
9. Here's a picture of "Piyodamari," a character whose name I even used for my username. Don't these sweets look just like him!?

Story Behind this Recipe

I made the chick version of (Recipe ID: 315492), "Lovely Shiro-tan Seal Shaped Japanese Traditional Sweets". After making the seal Shiro-tan, I just had to make chicks too.