Chirashizushi with Leftovers from Osechi

Chirashizushi with Leftovers from Osechi

This a perfect way to use up leftovers from Osechi (New Year's feast). It looks gorgeous and you wouldn't think they were leftovers. This is our regular dinner dish on the 3rd of January every year.


Leftover osechi vegetables
About 2 cups, chopped
Salmon roe, prawns or pickled baby herrings
as needed
Datemaki omelet or hard scrambled eggs
as needed
Japanese rice or rice for sushi
3 rice cooker cups (540 ml)
Sweet vinegar recipe Recipe ID: 261410
100 ml


1. Chop the shitake mushrooms, lotus roots, konyaku and bamboo shoots finely. Cut the pickled baby herrings or octopus into small bite sizes.
2. Cook the frozen prawns in strong Japanese dashi stock quickly to defrost and turn the heat off. Leave to cool the prawns in the liquid.
3. Cook the rice until al dente as in [Recipe ID:261410]. Mix in the sweet vinegar without mashing the rice grains. Add sesame seeds if you like.
4. Mix in the step 1 vegetables, prawns and pickled baby herrings into the step 3 rice. Garnish with datemaki omelet or hard scrambled eggs, boiled snow peas, and salmon roe on top.
6. This is my chirashizushi for 2011. I added vinegared octopus and it looked very colourful.

Story Behind this Recipe

Use up all the osechi food and your family will love this!