Glutinous Rice Flour Muffins

Glutinous Rice Flour Muffins

Shiratamako can be used instead. I'm confident of this recipe. This cake has a crunchy surface and springy center. It's simple since you only need to mix it Use any topping you'd like.

Ingredients: five 100 ml muffin cups & see step 10

40 to 50 g
Coconut milk
100 ml
Melted butter
(unsalted) 15 g
◎ Mochiko (see Step 9)
100 g
◎ Baking powder
1/2 teaspoon
Salted sakura flowers, ama-natto (sweet beans), etc.
As desired (can be omitted)


1. Preheat the oven to 180°C. Mix the ◎ dry ingredients and sift. Line the molds with paper. Place the butter in a small heatproof dish, and melt in the microwave. (Guide: about 1 minute at 500W)
2. Beat the egg in a bowl, add the sugar, coconut milk, and melted butter in this order, and mix.
3. Add ◎ to 2 in two batches, and mix. You can use a whisk.
4. Pour the mixture uniformly into the molds, and smooth out the top. Add any toppings now. Put in the preheated oven and bake for approx. 30 minutes.
5. When the surface is golden brown, they are done.
6. Bonus: Here, I used salted sakura flowers that were lightly washed and squeezed, but you can also use ama-natto or other toppings you prefer.
7. Bonus: Here is a cross-section.
8. Bonus: Wrap to give as gifts. You can also wrap them tight in plastic wrap and freeze them in a freezer bag, etc. The muffin will be very soft and moist if you reheat it in a microwave.
9. Bonus: The "rice flour" I used is shown on the left. It is available from online cookware stores. I've seen it sometimes at large supermarkets. Mochiko is the raw ingredient, so you might be able to substitute shiratamako (right). Grind the flour in a mortar, and sift it before using.
10. Bonus: Here is a brown sugar (45 g) + walnut version. I baked it in a 15 cm square. The baking time and steps are the same. As a guide to the baking time, wait for the surface to become golden brown and crispy. It's best if there's a little spring when pressed.
11. Bonus: I cut the version from Step 10 into a square. This is thinner, so the chewiness increases. I also recommend this.
12. Bonus: I tried wrapping a piece in sakura leaf and plastic wrap, and warming it in the microwave to make a sakura-mochi (cherry blossom rice cake) type. It might go well if I added bean paste and topped it with a sakura petal!
13. When preparing with coconut milk powder: The finish might be slightly different depending on the product, but refer to this if you can't get coconut milk but have powder.
14. Here, I used a product where I dissolved powder with 2 to 3 times hot water to make regular coconut milk. These instructions made a weak milk, so I substituted 60 g (8 tablespoons) powder dissolved in 4 tablespoons hot water about 60℃. This made exactly 100 ml.
15. The coconut milk was substituted with the mixture made in step 13. The other measurements and steps are the same. If the mixture is too stiff and the dry ingredients are hard to mix, add about 1 tablespoon of milk. The consistency should be like shown in the photo.
16. The recipe makes five 100 ml molds, but I added more mixture into the cups and baked them. The muffins expanded too much, but the taste and texture did not differ much. Here I used candied tropical fruit for the topping.

Story Behind this Recipe

Since my nickname is "Sub-mochi," I ordered some "rice flour" hoping to make sweets using it some day. I thought I'd start with easy muffins, but I ran out of milk so I tried using the coconut milk I had ordered along with the rice flour. I started researching and came up with this ratio.