Homemade Mochi

Homemade Mochi

I finally achieved this authentic flavor. Now you can enjoy freshly pounded mochi rice cakes even when you're not in Japan.

Ingredients: 6 (5cm diameter)

Sticky rice
180 ml
100 ml
Tapioca powder
As needed
Anko bean paste, or toppings of your choice
As needed


1. Soak sticky rice in water (unlisted) overnight. Drain in a colander for an hour.
2. Add the rice from step 1 into a blender and grind until it's completely smooth. If you're using a hand blender, put the rice into a heatproof container and grind, and move to Step 4.
3. Transfer the rice into a heatproof container.
4. Cover loosely with plastic wrap and microwave. It will expand gradually, so take it out and use a spatula to make sure it heats thoroughly. Cooking time depends on your microwave, but I heated for 3 minutes at a high temperature (I mixed it each minute).
5. Sprinkle tapioca powder on a board and put the cooked rice on top. Form into desired shapes and serve. If you're serving immediately, do not coat with tapioca powder, but rather tear into small pieces and soak in lukewarm water.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to eat freshly pound rice cakes in Canada.