Homemade! Osechi Kuri-Kinton

Homemade! Osechi Kuri-Kinton

I don't like store bought heavy ones... Kuri-kinton should be lightly sweetened and I definitely prefer homemade! I use a food processor so it's really easy!

Ingredients: Easy-to-make amount

Candied Japanese chestnuts
12-15 chestnuts
Sweet potato
350 g peeled
Dried gardenia fruit
Sugar (if necessary)
as needed
80 ml
*Syrup of the candied Japanese chestnuts
100 ml
Sweet potato cooking water
1 tablespoon+
a pinch


1. Thickly peel sweet potatoes and cut them in half lengthwise. Cut into 1 cm thick slices and soak them in water.
2. Drain the sweet potatoes. Wrap the gardenia in gauze and crush. Add both to a pot with ample water and boil over medium heat until tender.
3. Reserve part of (about 100 ml) the cooking water, to use later for adjusting the consistency.
4. Drain the potatoes in a colander and blend in a food processor with mirin, candied chestnuts syrup, and 1 tablespoon cooking water.
5. Taste, add sugar as needed, and blend (I have never added sugar).
6. Put the mixture back into the pot over low heat and stir with a wooden spatula until it thickens a bit.
7. Add the chestnuts and salt, stir it a bit more and it's ready. It hardens when it cools, so turn off the heat when it still seems a bit loose.
8. If it gets stiff while stirring, add some of the cooking water to adjust.

Story Behind this Recipe

I don't like the store bought ones, so I personalize the sweetness and consistency of kuri kinton at home.