For Baby Food Pre-made Beurre Manie for Bechamel Sauce

For Baby Food Pre-made Beurre Manie for Bechamel Sauce

It's always a bother to measure out butter and flour to make bechamel sauce each time, so I wanted to make a big batch in advance This method doesn't create any lumps either!!


100 g
White flour


1. Cut the butter into 1 cm dice.
2. Put the butter and flour into a food processor, and process until grainy.
3. Divide into single use portions and wrap in plastic wrap. I usually use 60 to 80 g for adults and 15-20 g for children's portion.
4. When all the mixture is wrapped, store in the freezer. Use for gratins, pasta, soup, etc. Just throw a portion in the pan! Then add milk, soup stock cubes, to taste, and flavor with salt and pepper.
5. Here I put boiled vegetables in a pan, added frozen beurre manie and milk and cooked it. You just need to add enough milk to reach your desired consistency, so it's easy.

Story Behind this Recipe

My aunt who is a great cook, taught me this recipe.