Clear Soup with Chinese Chives and Eggs

Clear Soup with Chinese Chives and Eggs

I got over my dislike of Chinese chives with this recipe. The tip is to mix the Chinese chives with the egg.


Chinese chives
1 bunch
1200 ml
Usukuchi soy sauce
4 tablespoons
Dashi stock granules
1/2 tablespoon
A little less than 1 teaspoon


1. Cut the Chinese chives into 3 cm lengths, and mix with the beaten eggs.
2. Pour water into a pot, when it boils, add soy sauce, dashi stock powder, and salt and check the taste. Add more if needed.
3. Lower the heat, add the mixture of Chinese chives and eggs slowly. Spread it on surface of the soup shaking the pot slightly, then turn up the heat. It comes to the boil quickly, then turn the heat off.
4. Cover with a lid, leave for 10 minutes, and it is done! The Chinese chives will cook in residual heat. Warm it up before serving.

Story Behind this Recipe

When I was a kid, apparently I hated Chinese chives but I didn't have a problem when it was served in this soup, so my mother made it often.