Fruity Natural Yeast. Orange Yeast

Fruity Natural Yeast. Orange Yeast

Using domestic oranges, I was able to make an invigorating and fragrant natural yeast. You only need the inside of the fruit. It is a really stable yeast, so it gives a really glossy result if you use it to make bagels.


Domestic orange
3 times the weight of the orange
1 tablespoon


1. Lightly peel the skin from the orange, and cut the fruit into about 2 cm cubes.
2. Making the yeast liquid: Place the orange, honey, and lukewarm water into a sterilized jar, shake it to mix it, and leave at 25°C. Pace it next to your rice cooker or other warm place during the winter season.
3. Completing the orange yeast liquid: Shake the jar once a day, and remove the lid once a day to release the gas. Once the orange has sunk and then floated back up to the top once, (after about 5 days), pour it into a sterilized bowl, and strain it through gauze.
4. Making the starter: Mix together 100 g of the liquid mixture and 100 g milled whole wheat flour, stir it up well, and once again leave at 25°C until it roughly doubles in size. The photo shows it roughly doubled in size.
5. Keeping the starter going: Add 100 g yeast liquid and 100 g milled whole wheat flour, and place in a 25°C location. After it has doubled in size, let sit in the fridge for 10 hours. The photo shows it doubled in size.
6. Handling the starter: once you run out of the yeast liquid, keep the starter going with a ration of "starter 2+lukewarm water+flour 1. Once the starter is no longer so effective, mix in 1 tablespoon honey with the lukewarm water.

Story Behind this Recipe

I had oranges, so I decided to turn it into yeast. Recently I have felt that I can turn anything into yeast! I have been itching to try it with everything.