Asian Flavor Beer Edition

Asian Flavor Beer Edition

This is a surprisingly good! Give your regular beer a delicious flavor makeover. It's so refreshing and great for those times when you've forgotten to chill your beer.

Ingredients: 1 cup

Beer or alcopop
preferred amount
Lemon slice or Pokka Lemon 100
1 slice or 1/2 teaspoon
as needed


1. Add a lemon slice (or the Pokka Lemon 100) to a glass.
2. Fill 70% of the glass with ice.
3. Slowly pour in some beer or alcopop to complete this drink!
4. I used Pokka Lemon 100 here. It's simple to use and makes a delicious drink.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to recreate the flavor of a drink I was served while I was on holiday in Asia. We always drink this at home. It shouldn't make you too drunk.