Autumn-Coloured Macarons Chestnut & Chocolate

Autumn-Coloured Macarons Chestnut & Chocolate

I got hold of lots of simmered chestnuts and made some cream. I filled these chocolate macarons with creams of two different colours, chocolate and chestnut. They're really round and cute so enjoy them with a good book on those long autumn nights.


Egg white
Granulated sugar
30 g
Powdered sugar
90 g
Cocoa (pure cocoa)
30 g
Roast almond flour
75 g
[Chocolate cream]
Chocolate (at least 70% cocoa solids)
50 g
Heavy cream
3 tablespoons
[Chestnut cream]
Simmered chestnuts
100 g
4 tablespoons


1. Combine the powdered sugar, cocoa and almond flour and sift twice.
2. Whip the egg whites with a hand mixer on high speed until stiff peaks form. Add the granulated sugar in 3 batches after the mixture first starts to stiffen up. Add the last batch just before you get stiff peaks.
3. Fold the powder ingredients from Step 1 into the meringue in large, careful motions to keep the air in. Fold until the mixture becomes glossy.
4. Pipe the macaron batter out into 4 cm diameter circles and leave to rest for at least 30 minutes at room temperature.
5. Bake the macarons for 5 minutes at 160°C. Then turn the temperature down to 120°C and bake for a further 5 minutes.
6. [Chocolate cream] Mix together the tempered chocolate and cream. The macaron shells are quite sweet so I recommend using a relatively bitter chocolate with a higher percentage of cocoa solids.
7. Fill half of the macarons with the chocolate cream.
8. [Chestnut cream] Mix the cooled simmered chestnuts with the cream.
9. Use the chestnut cream to fill the remaining macarons.
10. Here's a cross-section.

Story Behind this Recipe

I thought of this recipe because I like the combination of chocolate and chestnuts.
I love the sound of the word "maracon" and their round cuteness but they do take a lot of effort to perfect. I'm aiming for Pierre Hermé's macarons but I'm not quite there yet.