Chrysanthemum Greens and Tuna Side Dish

Chrysanthemum Greens and Tuna Side Dish

Just boil and mix. This is our family recipe for chrysanthemum greens when not using them in a hot pot.


Chrysanthemum greens
1 bunch
Canned tuna
1 can (80g)
Soy sauce
to taste
Umami seasoning
2 shakes (to taste)
Shichimi spice
2 shakes (to taste)


1. Blanch the greens and cut into 3-4cm lengths.
2. Open the tuna and drain the oil.
3. Mix the greens and tuna. Add a splash of soy sauce, some shakes of umami seasoning and shichimi, and it's ready to serve.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is my mom's staple recipe.