Mont Blanc - Made with Chestnuts Cooked In Their Skins

Mont Blanc - Made with Chestnuts Cooked In Their Skins

The main part of a Mont Blanc is the chestnut cream, which is surprisingly simple to make. I'm so happy that this Mont Blanc tastes just like one from a cake shop!

Ingredients: 3 cakes

For the chestnut cream:
○Chestnuts cooked in their inner skins
200 g
○Heavy cream
100 g
1/2 tablespoon~ your preference
1 teaspoon
For the tart crust (Recipe ID: 278476)
Three 6 cm diameter pieces... Save the rest for another snack ^^
●Heavy cream
100 ml
1 tablespoon
Boiled chestnut in their skins (for the filling)
Boiled chestnut skins (for decorating)
To taste


1. Prepare the tart crust: I made mine 6 cm in diameter. Finely mince the simmered chestnuts for the filling.
2. Make the chestnut cream: Put the ○ chestnuts into a food processor, and blend into a paste.
3. Add the ○ sugar, ○ rum, and ○ heavy cream to Step 2, and blend until smooth. Please adjust the overall hardness to the same state as the heavy cream. The photo shows the chestnut cream after it's blended.
4. Since it was a bit clumpy when I tried squeezing it, I decided to pass it through a sieve, even though it's a lot of work.
5. I made about 250 g minus the amount lost from straining it. It is really delicious when you try it. It has restaurant-quality flavor!
6. Put the ● heavy cream and ● sugar in bowl, and whip while it cools.
7. Put it all together: Place 1/3 of the minced chestnut from Step 1 on top of the tart crust and squeeze 1 cm of the cream from Step 6 on top in a mound using a pastry bag fitted with a tip. Squeeze the chestnut cream from Step 5 on top.
8. I use this type of pastry tip, but you can of course use a different one! I squeezed it from the bottom up in a spiral.
9. Note: If you're using a wide piping tip, I think it's okay not to pass the paste through a sieve.
10. Top with small chestnuts (for decoration) and a mint leaf (if you have some), and it is done!

Story Behind this Recipe

If you have chestnuts boiled in their skins, then definitely try making this Mont Blanc! It is that delicious. I used my own homemade boiled chestnut skins (Recipe ID: 285763). When making the chestnut cream, it takes more effort than making the boiled chestnuts in their skins. Serve this at tea time to bring a smile to everyone's faces!