5 Minute Meals! Soft & Juicy Simmered Pork

5 Minute Meals! Soft & Juicy Simmered Pork

Recipe ID: 286146 uses thinly sliced pork and has you lump it all together. This time I decided to make a variation of that recipe (which I sort of messed up the first time around). I use thinly pork belly so the juices become coated in the sauce. It goes great with rice.

Ingredients: 2 servings

Thinly sliced pork belly
300 g
2 tablespoons each of soy sauce & sake, 1 teaspoon of sugar, 1 clove of grated garlic, and 1 knob of ginger
Japanese leek


1. Season the pork with the "A" seasonings.
2. Line the meat up slice by slice on a tray so that there are no openings.
3. Roll up the meat from the end and form it into a block-like shape.
4. Place the meat on top of a 30 cm piece of rectangular cut parchment paper. Then cover with the diagonally chopped leek.
5. Roll up the meat in parchment paper, place it into a heatproof bowl and microwave it for 5-6 minutes at 700 W.
6. Take the meat out and cut it into 7 mm wide pieces, then drizzle any juices that have dripped into parchment paper back over the meat. All you have to do next is serve it up on a plate and it's ready!

Story Behind this Recipe

Today they had thinly sliced pork belly on sale! That's why I decided to try to make this. It was a great success.