Hot Udon Noodles with Raw Egg

Hot Udon Noodles with Raw Egg

This is an easy and delicious way to eat udon. I ate the real deal at Kompira in Kagawa prefecture deal and was so impressed that I wanted to recreate it at home

Ingredients: 1 serving

Udon (Sanuki udon is best)
100-150 g
Raw egg (or poached)
Thinly sliced scallion
as needed
Dashi soy sauce (or mentsuyu)
2 tablespoons
Shredded nori, white sesame seeds
as needed


1. Boil the udon noodles in a pot (you can use dried or fresh). Transfer the hot noodles directly from the pot to your dish.
2. Place the fresh egg on the top-center of the udon, sprinkle with the shredded nori, pour in the dashi soy sauce, and mix it up with chopsticks to finish. Garnish with shredded nori and sesame seeds to taste.
3. Those who are living overseas (like me) can't eat raw eggs, so you can also use poached or soft-set eggs (these are half-cooked too, so they're still probably not the best to have, but we eat them up anyway).

Story Behind this Recipe

I love udon, so I have been eating many different variations. In Hong Kong, when I would bring home fresh eggs and make this, my boyfriend and friends were really happy. I guess they didn't know about it before.