Tofu and Carrot Salad with Mentsuyu

Tofu and Carrot Salad with Mentsuyu

The only flavoring ingredient used is mentsuyu noodle dipping sauce, but it's a really delicious and easy salad.

Ingredients: 2 to 3 servings

Mentsuyu (3x concentrate)
1 tablespoon
Firm tofu
200 g
100 g
Sesame oil
1 teaspoon
Whole grain mustard
2 teaspoons
to taste


1. Cut the tofu in half lengthwise. Julienne the carrot, about 5 cm long. Boil both the tofu and carrot briefly in lightly salted water. Drain and leave to cool.
2. Mix the sesame oil and grainy mustard together, and mix in the mentsuyu sauce.
3. Add the well drained tofu and carrot to to the bowl and mix. Add some finely chopped parsely. Done!

Story Behind this Recipe

I used the carrots and firm tofu I had in the refrigerator, simply flavored with the mentsuyu sauce I also had on hand.