Simmered Burdock Root with Sesame Seeds

Simmered Burdock Root with Sesame Seeds

Burdock root pickles with a crunchy texture. You won't be able to stop munching on them.

Ingredients: easy to make amount

Burdock root
200 g
White sesame seeds
2 tablespoons
Red chili pepper
Soy sauce
3 tablespoons
2 tablespoons
1 1/2 tablespoons
1 tablespoon


1. Peel the skins from the burdock root with the back of a knife or peeler. Soak in plenty of water to remove any scum. If the burdock roots are big, cut into 2-4 pieces.
2. Put 1 tablespoon of vinegar into a pot, bring the water to the boil, and cook the burdock for 4-5 minutes. Don't over-boil, or they'll lose their crunchy texture. After boiling, rinse in water.
3. While hot, transfer to a cutting board, wrap a pestle in a cloth and pound the roots one by one so that cracks appear in each. If the roots are large, first break into two and then pound in the cracks. The cracks are to allow the burdock roots to absorb the seasonings well.
4. Toast the sesame seeds and chop roughly. Remove the seeds from the red chilli and chop it. Mix the A seasonings together, and pour over the burdock roots lined in a container.
5. Leave in the fridge until they absorb the seasonings thoroughly. Once finished, these will keep in the fridge for about a week.
6. This is them after soaking for 3 hours. The flavours are still quite mild, but you can eat them at this stage.
7. After one day. The flavors have been absorbed a lot more.
8. Cut into 3-4 cm and serve.
9. *If you boil these for too long, they will lose their crunchy texture. But if your teeth are weak, it's best to boil them for a bit longer, as they still taste good.

Story Behind this Recipe

The burdock root pickles I bought were delicious, so I made my own.
After experimenting a lot, I settled on this recipe.