Easy & One-bowl Tiramisu

Easy & One-bowl Tiramisu

It can be made in 10 minutes, yet the taste is pro-quality. Use up 1 box of biscuit and 1 package of cream cheese. Even children and beginners can make it.


Cream cheese
200 g
Heavy cream
200 ml
4 tablespoons
as needed
Instant coffee
to taste
as desired
Cocoa powder
as needed


1. In a bowl, add the cream cheese and sugar. Gradually add the heavy cream and mix it little by little.
2. Mix until evenly smooth. If the cream seems a little tough, add a small amount of milk (I like it loose, so I added about 50 ml of milk).
3. Brew a strong coffee and add brandy if desired.
4. Spread out the biscuit at the bottom of a container and drizzle on the coffee.
5. Smooth it out with your fingers.
6. Add 1/2 the amount of the cream cheese mixture from Step 2 and smooth the surface.
7. Repeat Step 4 and 5 again and chill it in the refrigerator.
8. Dust it with cocoa powder before serving and you're done.
9. At home, I just dusted the cocoa on the tiramisu and ate it straight out of the container.

Story Behind this Recipe

When a friend of mine visited me, I made this easy dessert.