Yakitori Salad in 15 minutes

Yakitori Salad in 15 minutes

I needed one more dish in a rush! That's what this quick recipe is good for. It's quick to make when using canned or store-bought yakitori. Plus the only flavoring ingredient is mayonnaise, which means this recipe is packed with shortcuts.

Ingredients: 4 large servings

Daikon radish
about 10 cm
1 can or 1 skewer
3 to 4 tablespoons
a small amount


1. These are the ingredients. I bought this can of yakitori (with sauce) from the 100 yen shop. It's a spicy flavor which lends this recipe a more mature taste.
2. Julienne the cucumber and daikon radish and lightly sprinkle with salt and set aside.
3. Break apart the canned yakitori. It will break apart easily in the summer if you use a rubber spatula. If using a pre-made skewer of yakitori, you don't need to do this. Just chop it up with a knife. Use the sauce too. Add the mayonnaise.
4. Wring out the moisture from the now tender daikon radish and cucumber and mix together with the yakitori. It's done. If you're in a rush, you can skip Step 2 and just use the vegetables without salting them. (But it will be quite watery.)
5. I found curry flavored yakitori! When I tried it out, the appearance hardly changed and it made for a slightly spicy salad.

Story Behind this Recipe

When I was in college, there was an assignment to make a dish using canned foods and I think this is what my group came up with. But back then, we added some lemon juice and made it a little bit more elaborate.