Quick Korean-Style Spicy Carrot Salad

Quick Korean-Style Spicy Carrot Salad

Just julienne and mix for an easy summertime appetizer to enjoy with drinks. Once you've cut up the carrot, you're half-way there! The raw carrots combined with oil ensure that you take in lots of carotin efficiently too. And there's lot of capsaicin in the chili peppers too.

Ingredients: 4 to 5 servings

1 medium
Green onion or scallion
5 stalks
Shredded dried ready-to-eat squid
about 15g
● Korean red chili pepper powder
2 teaspoons
● Soy sauce
2 tablespoons
● Sugar
2 teaspoons
Sesame oil
2 tablespoons
Ground sesame seeds
As much as you like


1. Slice the carrot in half, then cut up into long, thin strips by julienning. Cut up the green onion the same size as the carrot. Put both plus the shredded squid into a bowl.
2. Add the ● ingredients to the bowl. The squid may ball up a bit so mix to distribute it evenly. Add the sesame oil at the end and mix again. Put on serving plates, scatter with some sesame seeds and it's done.

Story Behind this Recipe

Some time ago, my Italian cooking teacher for some reason told me that he loved to eat this combination of carrots and shredded dried squid, so I tried to remember what he told me and recreated it.