Chocolate Ice Cream

Chocolate Ice Cream

This has a light chocolate flavor.

Ingredients: an easy-to-make, generous amount

Heavy cream
200 ml
Eggs (fresh)
Granulated sugar
6 tablespoons
Cocoa powder
2 tablespoons


1. Put 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar each in 3 separate bowls. Add the egg whites to the first bowl, cream to the second bowl, and the egg yolks and cocoa powder to the third.
2. Beat the contents of each bowl with a handheld electric mixer. Start with the egg whites, then do the cream, then do the yolks last, and you won't need to wash the mixer in between. Beat the yolks just until they are smoothly mixed with the cocoa powder.
3. Combine the cream and yolk, and mix well until it becomes an even consistency.
4. Add the egg whites and mix well until the texture evens out and there aren't any streaks. Cover with plastic wrap and freeze. It's done in about 3 to 4 hours.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is based on my vanilla ice cream (Recipe ID: 256291). I experimented several times to get the right ratio of cocoa.