Eggplant and Pork Stir-fry at a Ramen Shop

Eggplant and Pork Stir-fry at a Ramen Shop

I loved the eggplant and pork stir-fry served at this ramen restaurant I used to frequent. I created this recipe because I wanted to eat it at home.
It's flavorful and delicious.

Ingredients: 2 servings

2 small
Green pepper
Thinly sliced pork belly
150 g
Vegetable oil
2 tablespoons
☆Soy sauce
1 tablespoon
☆Oyster sauce
1 tablespoon
1 1/2 tablespoons


1. Chop the eggplants into half lengthwise, and diagonally slice into 5 mm strips (to cook through faster). Soak in water to remove the bitterness, and drain excess water.
2. Cut the green pepper in half, remove the seeds, and cut diagonally into 5 mm stripes.
3. Cut the pork belly into 5 cm.
4. Mix the ☆ ingredients.
5. Heat a wok, and add oil. Stir-fry the pork belly first. Add eggplants and green pepper, and stir-fry quickly over high heat.
6. Right before the vegetables become soft and wilted, drizzle the mixed ☆ seasonings. Stir-fry quickly, and it's done.

Story Behind this Recipe

I used to go to a ramen shop, which was close to my work, and I used to eat this dish all the time when I was still single. I remembered that nostalgic taste, and tried to recreate it. I always enjoyed it, and I ordered nothing but this dish.