Umeboshi-Nyumen Noodles - When You're Sick or Fighting Summer Fatigue

Umeboshi-Nyumen Noodles - When You're Sick or Fighting Summer Fatigue

When you have no appetite, instead of always eating cold dishes, why not try some warm, easy-to-eat nyuumen noodles? This is a great snack to eat after you've been drinking for a while.

Ingredients: 2 large or 4 small servings

Somen noodles
2 bundles
About 50 g
2 (preferably Nankobai from Wakayama prefecture)
Shiso leaves
3 to 4
Dashi stock (made with kombu, bonito flakes, or whatever you like)
500 to 800 ml
Shredded nori seaweed
To taste
White sesame seeds
To taste
Soy sauce


1. Cook the somen noodles so that they are on the firm side. Wash well under running water, and drain in a sieve.
2. Chop the chicken (breast or thigh meat) into 2 cm pieces, and sprinkle with sake. Make sure to discard the yellow fat from the chicken, since it will affect the flavor of the soup.
3. Chop the umeboshi finely into a paste. Put the pit into the dashi stock and simmer. This will give a faint umeboshi flavor to the dashi. Julienne the shiso leaves.
4. When the dashi comes to a boil, dredge the chicken pieces with katakuriko and put into the pot.
5. When the chicken is cooked, turn off the heat, and taste the soup. If it lacks flavor, add a little soy sauce. Since the soup will become diluted after it's mixed with the noodles, so make sure it's a little concentrated.
6. Put the noodles in serving bowls, add the umeboshi paste and ladle in enough hot soup to cover. Top with the shredded shiso (plus myoga ginger if you like), sesame seeds and shredded nori seaweed and enjoy!

Story Behind this Recipe

I've always served this as the last course of a feast, as well as when we're fighting summer fatigue. My son is rather worn out from his sports club activities... so I feed him this.