An Idea for Mock Spam

An Idea for Mock Spam

Spam is expensive... I'm pretty sure this mock spam will look just like it though. It will taste of fish sausage however.


Square-shaped fish sausage
Krazy Salt
to taste
Vegetable oil, olive oil, etc.
as needed


1. This is the square-shaped fish sausage (or fish burger).
2. Slice the fish sausage to make large rectangles. Adjust the thickness to your preferences.
3. Cook both sides and sprinkle on a generous amount of Krazy salt. I like to cook mine until golden brown.
4. You can use it as a filling for this recipe. Recipe ID: 1394695.

Story Behind this Recipe

Spam is delicious!! But I can't afford to buy it that often...
I thought it looked pretty similar to fish sausage though so I gave this recipe a try.