Preserved Lemon Paste

Preserved Lemon Paste

Use preserved lemons in cooking and baking instead of normal salt! It's easy to prepare and amazingly versatile. We use it often.

Ingredients: per lemon

Lemon (preferably with no residual pesticides -- organic, if available)
1 1/2 tablespoons
1 tablespoon


1. Wash the lemons well, slice them up, and remove the seeds.
2. Blend the lemons, salt, and vodka in a food processor.
3. Blitz a number of times until the ingredients are thoroughly blended and forms a paste.
4. Transfer the paste to your jar of choice and tightly seal the lid closed. Store in the refrigerator and wait for the mixture to mature.
5. The paste should be ready to use in about 1 week.
6. Make sure to store the paste in the refrigerator.

Story Behind this Recipe

I got tired to chopping preserved lemon slices, so I just decided to blend everything into a paste.