Easy Microwaved ☆ Coffee or Green Tea Syrup

Easy Microwaved ☆ Coffee or Green Tea Syrup

Dessert sauce that's ready in 3 minutes. Turn vanilla ice cream into warm affogato.


Instant coffee
2 tablespoons
3 to 5 tablespoons
2 tablespoons


1. You can add as much sugar as you like, but even with 5 tablespoons it'll turn out pretty bitter. It can easily boil over, so use as large a heat resistant bowl as possible. Add all of the ingredients together and mix, then heat in the microwaved uncovered for 1 1/2 to 2 minutes. Once it begins to expand, take it out and stir.
2. It's delicious if you drizzle it on ice cream while it's still hot.
3. This recipe only makes a little, so I think you'll eat it all, but if you have any left you can store it in the refrigerator for quite a while. Of course you can also freeze it. If the sugar becomes a little grainy, just add a little bit of water and repeat the recipe from the microwave phase.
4. If you replace the instant coffee with powdered green tea, you can make green tea syrup. In that case, use half the amount of powdered green tea as you would instant coffee!

Story Behind this Recipe

I happened to think of this one day when I had just made caramel sauce with the microwave. I'm thinking I'll upload more of these syrup and sweets recipes over time.