"Frozen" Charaben with Olaf

"Frozen" Charaben with Olaf

I've indicated the amounts used for the head, body, and legs of Olaf in grams to create a good balance, so I think it's easy to make.

Ingredients: 1 Olaf

Cooked white rice
as needed
Nori seaweed (not seasoned)
as needed
Sliced cheese
as needed
Snacking kombu
as needed
Carrot or orange colored bento decorating sheet
a small amount
Side dishes to pack in the bento
as needed
as needed


1. Measure the portion rice as follows: 45 g for the head, 15 g for the smaller body snowball, 45 g for the bigger body snowball, 1 g each for the legs x 2, a tiny amount for the nose. Wrap each portion in plastic wrap and form in to the appropriate shapes. The head in the photo is too pointy, so I fixed it later.
2. Make the face. The eyebrows should slant down on the outsides. The eyes are made by stacking nori, cheese, then followed by the nori. The nose is cut out of an orange bento decorating sheet or a piece of boiled carrot, cut into a tiny carrot shape.
3. Put a little bit of rice on the upper lip to make it stick out. Position the nose and teeth (cut from cheese) under that bump.
4. When all the parts are positioned as you want, remove the plastic wrap and fix the Olaf parts in place by packing other food around them such as tamagoyaki. Make the buttons out of nori. They are crooked pentagon shapes.
5. Cut the tamagoyaki to fit the gaps or try turning it in various directions. Stick the nori buttons.
6. Make the hair and the twig hands out of snaking kombu, and stick them in.
7. Fill up the remaining gaps with other food, like lettuce or sausages.
8. Fill all the gaps with other food in a well balanced way. Give him rosy cheeks with ketchup and it's done.
9. Use musical note and/or crystal shaped bento picks, keeping with Frozen's movie themes.
10. I've listed the recipe for the chikuwa roll at Recipe ID: 1804653, so use it as reference.

Story Behind this Recipe

I've been making charaben (decorated bento) for 5 years. I love the Disney movie "Frozen," so I tried making this.