Olaf (from Frozen) Cake

Olaf (from Frozen) Cake

This is a recipe for a cake with Olaf and snow decorations!

Ingredients: 1 cake of your choice [I used an 18 cm mold]

Sponge cake
Fruit of your choice
to taste
Heavy cream
200-300 ml
Granulated sugar
as needed
Food coloring (blue)
a small amount
Chocolate decorating pens
to taste
Orange gummy
1 piece
1 strand uncooked
Ice pop (light blue)
1-2 g
Powdered sugar
50 g
25 g


1. These are the ingredients I bought for the cake. I ended up not using some of them.
2. Microwave the marshmallows for a minute. Add the sugar to the melted marshmallows and mix well. If the mixture is too hard, add water to create clay-like texture. Form it into the shape of Olaf.
3. Cut the orange gummy into the shape of Olaf's nose. Break a strand of spaghetti and coat it with the chocolate decorating pen. Draw Olaf's buttons, eyes, mouth, and teeth with the chocolate decorating pen.
4. Put the ice pop in a small sauce pan. Add the kanten and warm it up. Transfer to a mold and let cool.
5. Cut the frozen ice pop mixture into cubes.
6. For decoration, make flower petals and snowflakes with the chocolate decorating pens. To make flower petals, squeeze out small balls of chocolate and stretch it with a spoon.
7. Cut a sponge cake of your choice and place fruit filling in the middle. Spread the entire cake with whipped cream. Color the remaining whipped cream with blue food coloring and pipe it out to decorate the cake.
8. Decorate the cake with the snowflakes and kanten.
9. Put Olaf on top. Make a big flower with the flower petals made earlier. Decorate, and it's done!

Story Behind this Recipe

I made this cake for my daughter, who loves Olaf!