Egg and Kimchi Soup Made with Chicken Skin and Chicken Broth

Egg and Kimchi Soup Made with Chicken Skin and Chicken Broth

If you cook chicken with the skin on, you will eat it up with the meat, and that's it, but you can make 2-3 side dishes with it by adding a few extra steps.

Ingredients: 3 servings

Boiled chicken or chicken skin
as needed
2 tablespoons
as needed
a small amount
Mizuna greens
as needed
Prepare either one
● Chicken skin soup (Recipe ID: 2612486)
600 ml
● Chicken broth (Recipe ID: 2564923)
600 ml


1. Heat up the strained chicken broth or chicken skin soup. If you need more salt, add some, and if it tastes too strong, add some water.
2. Cut the chicken or chicken skin into thin strips, and add to the pot. Cut the kimchi into pieces if it's too large. When the soup starts to boil, add the kimchi.
3. You can use any green vegetables such as radish sprouts or bok choy. Cut the mizuna green into 3 cm lengths.
4. When it starts to boil, turn down the heat, lightly stir the soup, and swirl in the beaten egg.
5. When the egg becomes fluffy, sprinkle with pepper to finish, and done.
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Story Behind this Recipe

It's made with the broth from boiling chicken or chicken skin. It tastes better to use kimchi that's become a bit sour.