How to Make a Homemade Thai-style Sauce for Chilled Noodles

How to Make a Homemade Thai-style Sauce for Chilled Noodles

Mix sweet chilli sauce and fish sauce to make a Thai-style soupy sauce for noodles. Use plenty of it for a slightly different flavored chilled Chinese noodle dish.

Ingredients: 2 servings

For the chilled noodles (for example)
Chinese-style noodles
2 portions
Boiled chicken ham Recipe ID: 2612512
8 slices
Medium-sized sweet tomatoes
Daikon radish sprouts
1/2 pack
Coriander leaves (optional)
as required
* Roasted sesame seeds
as required
* Ra-yu
as required
For the Thai-style sauce
Sweet chilli sauce Recipe ID: 2341350
3 tablespoons
Chinese chicken stock granules
1 tablespoon
1-2 tablespoons
Lime or lemon juice
1.5 tablespoons
Fish sauce
2-3 tablespoons
Honey (or sugar)
1/2-1 tablespoon
Boiling water
3 tablespoons
Still water
120 ml


1. [For the Thai-style sauce] Dissolve the Chinese chicken stock granules in boiling water.
2. Add the remaining seasonings. Adjust the amount of honey and vinegar. Adjust the saltiness with fish sauce. Chill in the fridge until required.
3. If shop-bought chilli sauce is not available, make your own. Recipe ID: 2341350
4. [For the chilled noodles] Peel the cucumber and julienne thinly. Cut the daikon radish sprouts in half. Chop the coriander leaves roughly.
5. Slice the tomatoes and chicken ham (or poached chicken) thinly. You can use char siu pork or your usual ham instead.
6. My family like the noodles with plenty of vegetables and toppings. I cover the noodles with cucumber and daikon radish sprouts.
7. Top the noodles with the vegetables and toppings and pour over the Thai-style sauce. I am not so keen on coriander leaves, so I use mitsuba instead.
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Story Behind this Recipe

I try different toppings and sauces for chilled noodles as we often eat them in summer and we don't want to be tired of them! Sometimes we prefer them to our usual Chinese-style chilled noodles. With plenty of lime and lemon juice, you can get a lot of vitamin C and you can get through a hot summer.