Okay! Cheese Olaf From Frozen

Okay! Cheese Olaf From Frozen

I topped rice with a cheese Olaf for a simple middle-schooler charaben.

Ingredients: 1

Sliced cheese (head, eye whites, teeth, torso, feet)
1-2 slices
Nori (eyebrows, pupils, mouth, buttons)
1 large sheet
Carrot (nose)
small amount
Oshaburi konbu (hands and hair)
small amount
Uncooked spaghetti noodle
small amount


1. Use a toothpick to cut out the head, torso, and feet while looking at a picture of Olaf for reference.
2. Use a cutter for the whites of the eyes.
3. Cut out the tooth with a toothpick as well.
4. Use kitchen scissors for the other parts. Make the eyebrows, pupils, mouth, and buttons from nori; the hands and hair from konbu. You can use a punch cutter for the pupils.
5. Put the cut-out cheese (head, torso, feet) on top of the nori and cut out around it for a border.
6. Use a punch-cutter to make the nose out of boiled carrot.
7. Arrange the features with a nice balance. You can use a small amount of mayonnaise to help secure the parts. Use the pasta to attach the carrot nose.
8. Place Olaf on top of cooled rice and it's ready!

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make a charaben with a few ingredients for my middle-schoolers, so I made an Olaf out of cheese to put on top of rice.