How to Make Red Pickled Ginger

How to Make Red Pickled Ginger

This natural red pickled ginger is made easily without food coloring or additives.


Spring ginger (or regular ginger)
as much as you like
a small amount
Plum vinegar
as needed


1. For spring ginger, rinse off the dirt without peeling the skin. Peel off the skin if using regular ginger.
2. Julienne the ginger. First, finely slice along the grain, then julienne.
3. Put the ginger in a frying pan. Don't turn on the heat yet. Sprinkle in the salt.
4. Heat over medium until the ginger starts to dry, stirring with a wooden spatula to prevent burning.
5. This is about the right length of time.
6. Next, pour in the plum vinegar. Pour in enough to immerse the ginger.
7. Turn off the heat, and transfer to a jar while still hot. Once it cools, store in the refrigerator.
8. Here, I made it with regular ginger. You can eat it from the following day.

Story Behind this Recipe

I love red pickled ginger, but I worry about the food coloring and additives in the store-bought type. It's also a shame to toss out the plum vinegar from making umeboshi. Simplifying the salting and drying process, I was able to produce a delicious red pickled ginger.