Fresh Spring Rolls with Cheese & Cucumber Chikuwa

Fresh Spring Rolls with Cheese & Cucumber Chikuwa

Make fresh spring rolls with chikuwa stuffed with cheese and cucumber! You can serve these up whenever you have unexpected guests at home.

Ingredients: 6 spring rolls

Rice paper wrappers
6 sticks
as needed
Pickled daikon radish
as needed
Processed cheese
as needed
Green leaf lettuce, or red leaf lettuce
6 leaves
Your favorite sauce:
as needed


1. Cut the cucumber, pickled daikon and processed cheese into sticks and stuff into the middle of the chikuwa. (Recipe ID: 2612471)
2. Quickly soak a rice paper wrapper in water, and spread it out on a cutting board, or a big plate. Place the lettuce on the rice paper wrapper on the side closest to you.
3. Place a chikuwa in the middle of the lettuce.
4. Roll the rice paper once from the side closer to you.
5. Fold in both sides.
6. Roll it up tightly.
7. Cut into 3-4 pieces to make them easier to eat, and they are ready.
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Story Behind this Recipe

Cucumber chikuwa is a great appetizer, and I made it to be more voluminous! You can eat a lot of these spring rolls in place of a salad I stuff chikuwa with whatever I fancy to enjoy various kinds of fresh spring rolls.