Fresh Spring Rolls

Fresh Spring Rolls

These are easy fresh spring rolls that can be made without any special ingredients, but look gorgeous if you add colorful boiled eggs and are perfect for entertaining.

Ingredients: Makes 10 rolls

Rice paper wrappers
10 sheets
1-1 1/2
Carrot (small)
Sliced ham
3-4 slices
Young (mini) corn
10 cobs
Your favorite sauce:
as desired


1. Bring enough water to cover the eggs to a boil, and then add the room temperature eggs and boil them. Boil for 7 minutes for runny yolks, 8 minutes for soft-boiled eggs, 9 minutes to keep the yolks moist, and 12 minutes for hard boiled eggs.
2. Thinly slice the onion, rinse the slices in water, and then thoroughly drain them.
3. Julienne the vegetables and ham that you will be wrapping in the rolls.
4. Quickly run a rice paper wrapper under water, and lay it out on a chopping board or a large plate. Place the cucumber, carrot and onion on the first third of the paper closest to you.
5. Place the ham and young (mini) corn on top.
6. Roll it once away from you, then place the sliced boiled eggs on the rice paper. Doing it this way will make the eggs easier to wrap, and they will show through the paper well.
7. Roll in the edges..
8. Roll it up tightly like this so that it doesn't loosen.
9. Slice the fresh spring rolls into easy to eat pieces once you're finished rolling them up.
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Story Behind this Recipe

I love fresh spring rolls, so I make them with ingredients that we always have at my house. Using boiled eggs or shrimp turns them into colourful and gorgeous fresh spring rolls. This time I used canned young (mini) corn, but crab-flavoured kamaboko and okra taste delicious and also look beautiful when the spring rolls are sliced in half.