Tender & Juicy Buri (Japanese Amberjack) Teriyaki

Tender & Juicy Buri (Japanese Amberjack) Teriyaki

Without simmering with soy sauce-based sauce, the fish will be tender and won't burn. Here's a good tip to give a tender and juicy finish to the fish.

Ingredients: 3 servings

Amberjack filets
3 pieces
Shishito peppers
2 tablespoons
Vegetable oil
1 teaspoon
Teriyaki sauce (Recipe ID: 258432)
2-3 tablespoons


1. Prepare the teriyaki sauce Recipe ID: 2584232).
2. Rinse the fillets to remove the fishiness and excess blood and pat dry with a paper towel. Heat oil in a frying pan and place the fillets presentation-side down.
3. Drizzle with the sake and cover with a lid. Once the fillets are almost cooked through and the bottom sides are golden brown, flip over.
4. Sauté the shishito peppers in the pan between the fish.
5. Once the fillets are cooked thoroughly and are tender, transfer to serving dishes. Pour the teriyaki sauce over them and they are ready to serve.

Story Behind this Recipe

Teriyaki fish tends to get tough and dry after cooking, but I make it with this foolproof method to prevent this from happening Teriyaki sauce (Recipe ID: 2584232) keeps well and is suitable for different dishes.