Time-Saving Spring Cabbage & Tuna Shio-Kombu Stir-Fry

Time-Saving Spring Cabbage & Tuna Shio-Kombu Stir-Fry

Enjoy a side dish full of nutrients even when you don't have time! A dish with plenty of cabbage and a simple flavor.


1 medium
A light pinch
Canned tuna (oil-packed)
1 small
Coarsely ground black pepper
to taste
Soy sauce
to taste


1. Chop the cabbage into bite-sized pieces. Cut the onion into thin slices.
2. Add the oil from the canned tuna to a frying pan and cook the onions. Once they've wilted, add the cabbage, tuna, and shio-kombu and cook.
3. Once the cabbage becomes tender, sprinkle in the black pepper. Add a bit of soy sauce to taste, and it's complete.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is a homemade flavor that I've been enjoying ever since I was a kid.
It's ready in no time at all, so it's very convenient when you're short on time!