Super Creamy Koya Dofu Great for Diets or a Late-Night Snack

Super Creamy Koya Dofu Great for Diets or a Late-Night Snack

The sauce for this dish is something I learned from a chef.
It's even great chilled!

Try it with wine. Or, when you're on a serious diet.

It's super creamy.

Ingredients: A large serving

Amounts are approximate.
White wine
80 ml
Soy sauce
20 ml
Soy milk
400 ml
15 g
Koya dofu, diced
45 g
Black pepper (preferably not coarsely ground)
to taste
Salt (as a finishing touch)
a pinch


1. Heat a frying pan over high heat, then add the white wine. Let the alcohol evaporate, reduce to the lowest heat, then add the butter, soy milk, and koya dofu.
2. The mixture may at first appear to separate, but it will immediately come together. Simmer over the lowest heat for 10 minutes without boiling. The koya dofu should become rehydrated.
3. Skin will form on the surface, so stir occasionally. Once the koya dofu rehydrates, add the soy sauce into the soy milk mixture, then mix until the color is uniform.
4. Transfer to a plate, and sprinkle with a generous amount of black pepper to accentuate the creaminess.
5. Seasoning it with a pinch of salt will further enhance the creaminess and make it a great drinking appetizer with wine. Add umami seasoning to boost the flavor to taste.
6. This dish is great for diets. It's nice and chewy! This dish is just as filling as a main dish! Try it for lunch or dinner (with nutritional supplements) while dieting, or else as a late-night or in-between meal snack, or drinking appetizer.
7. To achieve the best texture, before cooking, soak the koya dofu in hot water for about 4 minutes to rehydrate, and squeeze out the excess moisture! I use it without soaking it first.

Story Behind this Recipe

I'm into tofu...I was inspired by a chef's chicken with cream sauce (with heavy cream), and when I tried it, it was great.
Since eating this a lot, I've lost weight (by leaving out a main dish!).
After turning off the heat, let it sit a while and it will become even creamier.
Soy-based foods are said to be good to balance your female hormones.