Sweet & Savory Yakitori and Teriyaki Sauce

Sweet & Savory Yakitori and Teriyaki Sauce

This yakitori sauce can be used for teriyaki, yakitori, and various other dishes. Since it will keep a long time if stored in a dark cool place, it's convenient to keep stocked.


Soy sauce
50 ml
50 ml
50 ml
50 ml
Light brown sugar (or white sugar)
3 tablespoons


1. Place all of the ingredients into a pot and turn on the heat. Since it will boil quicker if in a wide pot, I used a 22 cm frying pan this time.
2. Bring to a boil, taking care that it doesn't boil over, for 7-8 minutes. Boil until the contents lessen by half and become slightly thickened. Stop the heat.
3. Place the finished sauce in a jar or container with a lid and place in a dark, cool place to store for a long time. You can use this for teriyaki sauce or for rice bowls. If using it as yakitori sauce, it'll taste better if allowed to sit for a bit rather than using it the same day, so you should make it whenever you have the time and then store it.
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Story Behind this Recipe

My mother taught me this sweet and salty sauce before I was married. Adding and boiling the water mellows out the soy sauce and creates a nicely mild sauce. Of course you can use this sauce for yakitori or teriyaki, but you can also stretch out it's uses to include tempura rice bowls or breaded cutlet rice bowls.