Tart and Delicious Lemon Jam

Tart and Delicious Lemon Jam

I'd never tried lemon jam before, but I was inspired to make it after finally trying some handmade jam.


Lemon flesh
200 g
140 g (70% of the lemon) Please see Step 6


1. Remove the peel and seeds of the lemons and put them into a tea bag. Break up the lemon flesh
2. Coat the lemon flesh in sugar and let sit overnight. The moisture will come out of the lemons and dissolve the sugar, but it's okay even if the sugar doesn't dissolve.
3. Add Step 2's lemon flesh and sugar to the bag with the peels and seeds from Step 1 into a pot and turn on the heat.
4. Once it comes to a boil, remove the peel and seeds bag, remove the scum from the surface, and heat over low. When the thickness is just a little runny, turn off the heat.
5. Transfer into a sterilized container, close the lid tightly, and turn upside down. Let rest until cooled.
6. Adjust the amount of sugar to taste between 50 and 100% of the weight of the lemons. Adjust to taste. To highlight the tartness of the lemons, aim for 70%.

Story Behind this Recipe

The jam from the local sightseeing farm was so delicious, so I wanted to try making it myself.
Before this, I had never had lemon jam.