How to Cook Moist Chicken Breast for Boiled Chicken

How to Cook Moist Chicken Breast for Boiled Chicken

Make a 2 serving entrée, soup, and mixed rice with just one chicken breast This is a way to make chicken breast moist! (which can dry out easily).


Chicken breast or chicken thigh
1 piece (300 - 350 g)
Thinly sliced ginger
1 slice
Japanese leek (green part)
1 stalk
Salt (optional)
1/2 tablespoon
2 tablespoons
800 ml


1. To a pot that has a tightly-sealing lid, add 800 ml of water and bring it to a boil. Add the chicken breast and all the other ingredients and bring it to a boil again. Cover the pot and turn off the heat.
2. Boil as briefly as possible and let the chicken cook through with the residual heat. Letting it sit in the cooking liquid until cooled is the way to make moist and tender chicken.
3. Make sure to cover the pan while it cools off. If you open the lid, the temperature will go down and the chicken may not cook through. Be patient and wait!
4. Let the chicken cool completely before slicing. It will fall apart if you slice it while it's still warm. The chicken is so juicy that the juices will come out when you press down with your finger.
5. This chicken can be used in bang bang chicken, salad, or a side dish! The chicken broth has a lot of umami flavor from the chicken. Use it to make a soup or use it in mixed rice and there will be no waste.
6. Strain the broth through a paper towel. You will have a very clear and beautiful soup. This soup is a little on the salty side. You can add some water to dilute it if necessary.
7. [Note] If you are doubling the amount of chicken to make this broth, you do not need to double the amount of the water or the seasonings. 800 ml of water should be enough to hold 2 pieces of chicken breast to make the broth.
8. Play it by ear when adding more water. You can add about 200 ml of water if you are using 3 pieces of chicken. The chicken broth will be richer, so add some water to dilute.
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Story Behind this Recipe

This thinly sliced boiled chicken is moist, tender, and delicious sliced thin and served as-is, but it's also delicious if you shred it and add it to salad, mix it with sauce, use it as a topping on chilled Chinese noodles, or use it in many other ways. The chicken broth is also delicious. Use it up and create no waste.