Chinese Salad with Leftover Karaage

Chinese Salad with Leftover Karaage

This is a Chinese salad made with karaage that won't harden even when cooled. The Chinese dressing is also easy, so give it a try.


Chicken karaage (or steamed chicken)
2-3 pieces
Chinese dressing Recipe ID: 2563112
3 tablespoons


1. Thinly slice the karaage, then julienne the cucumber.
2. And just mix it up with the Chinese dressing Recipe ID: 2563112.
3. It'll be done in a blink of an eye. It's delicious with julienned cabbage or bean sprouts.

Story Behind this Recipe

When making dinner, why don't you set aside a piece or two of the karaage? Then, you can make this to have for dinner the following day.
The texture of leftover karaage becomes just like ham the next day. Just mix it all together to make a filling side dish.