A Must-Read! How To Choose and Prepare Daikon Radishes

A Must-Read! How To Choose and Prepare Daikon Radishes

Daikon radishes are great in so many dishes! Oden! Furofuki daikon (boiled daikon)! Buri daikon (simmered amberjack and daikon)! But do you know how to prepare them? Surprisingly, not too many people do! But don't worry! Time for Daikon 101!


Daikon radish
White rice
1 teaspoon


1. How to chose a good daikon radish: Look at the small holes at the bottom of the daikon radish. Are they all lined up? That's a sign that this daikon grew healthily, without any stress.
2. Cut the daikon radish into 3-4 cm thick slices! Use the top 2/3 of the daikon for simmering dishes. The bottom part is spicier, so it's more suitable for grated daikon dishes! Recipe ID: 2560423.
3. Look closely and you will see the fibrous part changes at about 5 mm from the skin! That's the part you need to peel off!
4. There's a trick to peeling the skin... just try it out for yourself and see! First, make a slit with a toothpick the size you see in the photo. You can cut it with a knife also!!
5. Got it? It should look like this.
6. Now it's time for Hand Power! That sounds like a popular Japanese magician's old catchphrase, but really, you can peel it with your hand!
7. Look! It comes off so smoothly! If you are worried about your nails, use a spoon.
8. It's done! Isn't it amazing? You can peel the skin along the line described in Step 3! This is a characteristic of the daikon radish!
9. To prevent the daikon from falling apart during simmering, shave off the sharp edge on both sides. You can also use a peeler of course!!
10. In this photo, the right side is smaller than the left side, so it's going to touch the plate when it is served. That means you should make slits on this side.
11. Score it crosswise: Make a crisscross incision with a knife. The depth should be about 5-10 mm. These slits let the taste penetrate inside.
12. That's how it's done! Impressive, huh? After this, start boiling them with the crisscross side down.
13. Place the daikon radish inside a skillet and pour in just enough water to cover the daikon. Then add a teaspoon of rice...
14. Heat the frying pan just until the water starts boiling, then simmer it slowly for 30 minutes! This is called "pocher" in French.
15. After 30 minutes, rinse the daikon under running water to remove the stickiness on the surface.
16. They're done! Now use them in your favorite dishes! The taste will be so much better!

Story Behind this Recipe

The way you prepare a daikon radish makes a big difference!