"Dragon Eyes" with Quail Eggs: For New Years Osechi or Bentos

"Dragon Eyes" with Quail Eggs: For New Years Osechi or Bentos

This is a Chinese appetizer, where quail eggs are made to look like dragon's eyes. It's served on festive occasions.

Ingredients: 20 pieces

Chicken tenders
Quail eggs
Toasted nori seaweed (whole sheets)
1 sheet + 1/4 sheet
as needed
Oil for deep frying
as needed
Soy sauce
to taste (a small amount)


1. Boil the quail eggs, peel and pat them dry with paper towels.
2. Cut the toasted nori seaweed into quarters.
3. Pat the chicken tenders dry, and remove the sinew. Butterfly them and even out the thickness.
4. Wrap each butterflied chicken tender in plastic wrap. Pound them lightly with a rolling pin to make then evenly thin. See Steps 13 and 14.
5. Open up the plastic wrap. Place a chicken tender vertically, and put a piece of nori on the near side. Put 2 quail eggs on the near side of the nori sideways (with a little space in between them).
6. Wrap the chicken up tightly around the eggs. Close up both ends.
7. Make a dent in between the eggs with your finger. This will be where you'll cut it in half. (The chicken roll should be the shape of an unshelled peanut.)
8. Coat the chicken evenly and thinly with flour. Shake off any excess.
9. Fry in oil heated to 170°C until the chicken is cooked through and crispy.
10. Put a little soy sauce in a bowl. Put the fried rolls in the soy sauce and roll them around to coat.
11. Cut a little off both ends of the rolls, and then cut them in half at the indentation. Cut each quail egg in half, to make a total of 4 pieces out of each roll.
12. To store: When the rolls have cooled down completely, put them uncut in a storage container with a tightly sealing lid and refrigerate.
13. Cut the plastic wrap so that it's the same width as the nori piece before using it to wrap the chicken. There'll be a little extra plastic on both sides of the chicken when you wrap it.
14. If you cut the plastic wrap the same width as the nori, the chicken will not get too wide when you bash it out. It will be about the same width as the nori too.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made these for Osechi (New Year's feast).