Simple Thick & Fluffy Omelette

Simple Thick & Fluffy Omelette

If it's difficult for you to wrap an omelette around a filling, cheat a little and slide a second creamy omelette over the top instead.

Ingredients: 1 serving

2 tablespoons
a small amount (to taste)
Fillings (whatever you like)
I used a hamburger patty and cheese this time
Margarine (for cooking)
as needed


1. Add the egg, milk and sugar to a bowl and mix.
2. Grease a hot frying pan with butter then pour in half the egg mixture. Swill the mixture around to make a thin, round omelette on low heat.
3. Place your fillings in the centre of the omelette once it has has started to firm up.
4. Gather the sides of the omelette around the filling, or fold it over.
5. Transfer the omelette and filling to a plate.
6. Pour the remaining egg mixture into the frying pan. This time over medium heat, using a pair of chopsticks, scramble the egg from the outside inwards until you have a flat sheet of scrambled egg.
7. To get a creamy finish on the omelette, stop the heat whilst the surface of the eggs is still a little raw. Slide it out of the frying pan, on top of the first omelette. It's done.
8. This time I wrapped this omelette around a hamburger patty topped with cheese. The cheese in the middle was so thick and creamy Please give it a try.

Story Behind this Recipe

I really love thick and fluffy omelettes and omurice dishes.