Simple Edamame Spring Rolls

Simple Edamame Spring Rolls

How about these for your bento lunch boxes, or as a snack with beer?


Edamame (frozen is fine)
as desired
Spring roll wrappers
as desired (1 sheet makes 4)
Sliced cheese
1-2 slices


1. If your edamame is fresh, boil it, and remove from the pods. If frozen, thaw. Cut the spring roll wrapper into 4. Cut the cheese into 1 cm wide pieces.
2. Place the edamame and cheese on the wrapper, and brush the three sides with water-dissolved flour to act as paste. Then wrap them up to become spring rolls. Push down firmly on the areas with your flour paste.
3. Deep-fry in oil until browned. Once you remove them from the oil, quickly sprinkle with salt.
4. I also tried making these with corn! They were sweet, and I think my kids like these better.
5. I made these with boiled egg in a triangle shape. Enjoy it with ketchup!