Shikuoka Oden-style Spring Veggie Pot-Au-Feu with Wasabi Sauce

Shikuoka Oden-style Spring Veggie Pot-Au-Feu with Wasabi Sauce

This is a Shizuoka Oden-style pot-au-feu with kan-tsuma: Beef Tendon Konnyaku and spring vegetables. Please try this rich Shizuoka dish with special oden wasabi sauce. Note: Kan-tsuma referred to in this recipe are canned savory dishes such as soy sauce seasoned sardines, mackerel simmered in miso. They are readily available in Japanese supermarkets.

Ingredients: about 2 servings

Canned Beef Tendon Konnyaku (I used K&K Kantsuma Beef Tendon Konnyaku)
1 can
Black hanpen (Please refer to Hints)
2 ~ 3 pieces
[Your favorite spring vegetables]
Spring cabbage
1/4 head
Sweet onion
Spring carrot (Peel it: it's OK not to peel too)
Spring potato
2 ~ 3 small ones
Your favorite dashi or oden powder for garnish
To taste
[A: Pot-au-feu soup stock]
A: Dashi stock (as strong as you can get)
400 ~ 500 ml (please adjust to your taste)
A: Cooking sake
2 tablespoons
A: Mirin
1 tablespoon
A: Ginger (Peel and slice)
1 piece (about 20 g)
[B: Special oden wasabi sauce]
B: Grated wasabi (whatever you like)
2 teaspoons
B: Dashi/oden powder (mixture of bonito and ao-nori)
1 tablespoon
B: Cooking sake
a little over 1 teaspoon


1. This time, I'm using "K&K Kan-tsuma Beef Tendon Konnyaku" for my canned beef tendon konnyaku.
2. [Special Oden Wasabi Sauce] Mix together all of the B ingredients and it's done! * You can make dashi powder by just mixing together bonito and aonori with a ratio of 1:1.
3. [Preparing the ingredients] Favorite spring vegetables. Cut the cabbage into 2 equal parts, leaving the core intact, the spring onion in half, and the spring carrot into 4 equal parts.
4. Wash the spring potato very well leaving the skin. Lightly blanch the black hanpen.
5. Put all of the [A: Pot-au-feu soup stock] into a pot and bring to a boil.
6. Put the beef tendon konnyaku from Step 1, the spring carrots and spring potatoes into Step 5 and boil over a medium heat for 5 minutes. Remove the scum while boiling.
7. Add the spring cabbage, spring onions, and black hanpen to Step 6, cover, and simmer over a low heat for about 15-20 minutes (until the potato is cooked through).
8. Arrange Step 7 on a dish, add the [Special oden wasabi sauce] from Step 2, sprinkle with dashi/oden flakes to garnish, and you're done!
9. [Note 1] It's perfectly delicious to eat right away, but it's even tastier if you let it rest for a few hours to half a day so the flavors soak in.
10. [Shikuoka Oden-style Spring Veggie Pot-Au-Feu~ With Wasabi Sauce] goes great with rice or bread, so please give it a try.
11. [Variation 1] Mix the "Special Oden Wasabi Sauce" with mayonnaise and spread on toast. It goes well with beer!
12. [Variation 2] Put leftover pot-au-feu in rice to make rice porridge. I recommend adding some "Special Oden Wasabi Sauce" when eating.
13. This photo shows Shizuoka speciality "black hanpen" "wasabi" and the dashi/oden powder with is indispensable for Shizuoka oden & Fujinomiya Yakisoba.

Story Behind this Recipe

When I was thinking about a recipe for a snack made of kan-tsuma and local ingredients, I combined my favorite childhood food "Shizuoka Oden" with spring veggies and black hanpen fish cake to make pot-au-feu. The secret to this recipe is the "Special Wasabi Oden Sauce" with wasabi Please try this new local dish.