Eggless Soft, Stewed Hamburgers

Eggless Soft, Stewed Hamburgers

These are easy stewed hamburgers using seasonings that you have at home.
It has a somewhat strong flavour and will whet your appetite.
These are eggless hamburgers, so even those with egg allergies can have this!

Ingredients: Serves 4

Ground meat
250 g
50 g
100 ml
Salt and pepper
a small amount
20 g
For the sauce:
100 ml
Japanese Worcestershire-style Sauce
150 ml
2 tablespoons
Consommé soup stock granules
1 tablespoon
Salt and pepper
a small amount
250 ml
2 tablespoons


1. First, make the sauce. Finely slice the onion and boil it in the water.
2. Add all of the sauce ingredients apart from the flour into the pot.
3. Dissolve the flour in water (not listed in the ingredients), add to the pot, and boil. ※ Don't worry if any lumps form, because they will dissolve later.
4. The sauce will slowly thicken, and once it has thickened, bring it down to low heat, and gently simmer. Make the hamburgers in the meantime.
5. Finely chop the onion for the hamburgers.
6. Quickly stir-fry the onions with the margarine.
7. Place the stir-fried onions into a bowl, and slightly cool.
8. In the meantime, soak the panko in the milk.
9. Add the ground meat and panko that was soaked in milk into the bowl that the onions were cooled in. Sprinkle in some salt and pepper, and knead together with your hands.
10. If the mixture is too loose, add some more panko while kneading, and knead until it becomes sticky.
11. Shape the mixture into oblong patties, with dents in the center. Lightly drizzle some oil onto a frying pan and heat over low heat.
12. Bring the heat to high heat, and cook the patties until the surfaces are brown. Flip them over, and cook until the other sides have browned as well.
13. Pour enough sauce from Step 4 into the frying pan to cover the hamburgers. Cover with a lid, and simmer for approximately 10-15 minutes over medium heat.
14. It is complete once the sauce has reduced by half. Check that the hamburgers have cooked through by inserting a bamboo skewer into the meat, and test for any cold areas.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make stewed hamburgers, and made the sauce with ingredients that I had at my house.
This was because I didn't have ingredients like red wine and bay leaves that are frequently used in stewed hamburgers.

I ended up using a lot of panko by accident, but because of that, it created soft and easy to eat hamburgers.